Get me in as a freelancer.

Call me for a problem to be solved, a pitch to win or for a campaign that needs help. I bring in inventive ideas with a cultural impact. Writer, Creative Director, Business lead, Strategist, Doer…all rolled into one. Magic and logic will walk in with me. Remote or on-site.

Hire me as a brand consultant.

I can help rewire your brand. Troubleshoot your business. Rethink your journey. Find your purpose. A whole new way to look at your brand with my ‘BrandCode’ method that launched global brands, created startups and built success into small businesses.

Help set up your innovation incubator.

Co-founded a proven creative incubator model that helps you innovate with fresh talent. N8tive is one such incubator at Havas, New York that is changing everything. Fast moving, culture-first, fist-in-your-face approach to what brands need today at a fraction of the cost of elite, experienced creative teams.

Invite me to talk and stir things up.

‘Walk with Paul’ is a thing. You and I walk and solve stuff in under half hour. I’ve done that with CEOs, creative directors, interns and just about anybody stuck in the moment. I’ve also tried to inspire people at leadership forums, industry meet-ups, universities, and companies. There is no hate mail yet in my inbox.