genius genome

Creative Lead

A.I. can understand not just data but people. To prove that, Watson went to work with some of the greatest minds of the world. We created a mobile experience for CEOs to find their genius match and revealed how they think and make decisions. The first of its kind.


We got Watson to recognize certain characteristics of geniuses. In this case, over 100 of them were drawn from culture, science, arts, business, technology, music, psychology, and philosophy. That data became the consciousness of the greatest minds of the world, past and present. Choosing key marketers and CEOs, we connected their Linkedin and social media profiles. Watson did the rest to match them up to the genius database. Each character was hand-drawn using a distinctive line art technique that connected all the profiles through a custom code, with a beginning and an endpoint.


Watson’s personality API matched the candidates with the closest genius match. Ever wondered how Dali thinks? Or Einstein? Or David Bowie?

A record of the genius profiles were rendered as keepsake posters.

A glimpse of the offline experience.