Heartbeat Project

Creative Director

Over 7 million children, the size of New York City, die from preventable illnesses every year. To keep those heartbeats going, we used a digital stethoscope to record and turn these tiny beats into a rhythm track. Grammy-winning artist Ryan Tedder and One Republic created a song with the track, which became a top 10 hit around the world. People donated by downloading the song.

How it all came together from Malawi to Denver:

From writing checks to downloading songs, this web portal created a whole new model for donation:

The World’s First Heartbeat Tweet

Using unique characters we created an EKG that can be tweeted to support the cause. Every heartbeat tweet got a donation from a corporate sponsor.


Living Portraits

Health workers are the primary lifeline for the millions of children. They literally know the heartbeats of these young ones. What you see aren’t just print ads, they are living portraits made up of the EKGs of the hundreds of children they serve and rescue on an everyday basis.

Heartbeat Radio

The Heartbeat radio and web radio featured an interactive way for audiences to deconstruct the music track until they could only hear the actual heartbeats that made up the groove.

Heartbeat Installation

A public installation that enabled people to interact with the song created with heartbeats. They could take away bits and pieces of music and listen to the various heartbeats of children.