Maytag & Whirlpool

The Maytag Repairman Comeback

Creative Director

The advertising world bid adieu to the irrelevant Marlboro man. The Maytag Repairman was next. He was busy twiddling his thumbs while this mighty brand known for its reliability started to come apart, unraveled by Samsung, LG, Electrolux and a host of shiny tech gizmos. Can the idle Maytag Repairman fix the brand again?

To keep him or do away with him, that choice was given to the agency. We unleashed a campaign that not only brought the Repairman back into American culture, but gave the brand the reputation it once enjoyed.

The American Icon Search

Creative Director | Writer

We dubbed the comeback as the ‘Great American Idle’. The search for the next Maytag Repairman began with an open casting call to all Americans. Millions of impressions later found the brand being toasted even on ESPN. The first for an appliance brand. The search ended in a comedy club in New York – a real estate agent from Virginia became the next icon for this brand. Even the product made a comeback, shunning cliches of clean washing in favor of slamming baseballs at the machines to prove that they are once again built to last.

The Whirlpool Goddess Campaign

Creative Director | Writer

You can never really get away from chores, but what if you could tame them? The Whirlpool Goddess became a representation of that ability to be in command over your chores. But how do you insert a brand message into a product demo and product specs? The answer led us to create some of the most iconic work for the Whirlpool Corporation. This unique campaign was adopted worldwide and ended up breaking through both language and culture. The client awarded us the Maytag account without a review based on this award winning work we created.

KitchenAid – Cook For The Cure

Creative Director

How do you integrate a brand and a product into cause and still make it feel worthy? We created an apron that celebrated people’s love for their moms and encouraged them to cook for their loved one. This breast cancer awareness gave KitchenAid a huge PR buzz with over 700 news stories in outlets like the Jay Leno Show, Ellen DeGeneres Show, FOX, CBC, CNN and others.

KitchenAid Campaign

Creative Director | Writer

Martha Stewart nodded at this campaign in one of her shows. The nostalgia and memories around KitchenAid was at the heart of this award-winning campaign. We captured the look, tone, and feel of this aspirational brand which is a perfect reflection of all-American values.


Creative Director | Writer

A premium appliance brand isn’t just about a look. It’s about the outlook as well. We just took that message into the campaign, creating mini manifestos for discerning consumers. The tone was unique with an irreverence that celebrated the design and thinking behind this iconic brand.