Procter & Gamble

Billion dollar consumer brands bleed easily. One bad quarter and the pain is felt in the agency. When that happens, briefs start to throb with fear and become suffocating. A good thing. That’s how I learned to reframe, improvise, and problem solve. P&G has a bunch of brands which demand that kind of discipline. The results aren’t always pretty, but they are solid. It was great to work alongside some of the most prolific brand builders and marketers of our time.


Creative Lead | Agency Lead

At BBDO, I anchored an environment initiative called Future Friendly. A 20% reduction of plastic of a Tide bottle can do more to reduce carbon than all the environment friendly brands around. In the case of P&G, scale made the footprint impact easier. ‘Little Acts, Big Impact’ campaign urged people to switch to environment-friendly products of P&G. A personalized digital experience of a model home helped people recognize and correct their footprint. At retail locations, a mobile app used beacons to lead consumers to the right environment-friendly products in the supermarket aisle. A national TV campaign completed the narrative to switch. Future Friendly is now an everyday behavior.



The Quicker Picker Upper remains one of America’s staple brands. Unshakeable for decades, it’s a formula-driven leader. And that means very little wiggle room. A brand like this is ripe for the pickings if you are the sort of creative who can turn lemons into lemonade. We created a few interesting campaigns, including sinking a whole kitchen underwater to challenge people to use Bounty paper towels as a washcloth. If product is king, it makes sense to dive right into it.



The first ever Publicis New York campaign for P&G that made it to the Cannes show. Pity they didn’t run with the actual installations.


Creative Director | Copywriter

‘A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed’ is another long running campaign that hinged on a simple insight that tender noses turn away from harsh tissues. As a writer and co-creative director at Publicis, I helped author over a dozen campaigns of cutting-edge claymation. Each campaign had a new character with a nose problem, delivered as a classic fable. We kept the brand fresh and winning, even in a declining category. That’s nothing to sneeze about.



We needed to get college kids into sports to use Thermacare. How about while they are play video games? A pain-killing widget inserted into game software.



The classic bear in the woods joke. Yup. We built a brand on that. You’ll need over a dozen fingers to count the years the campaign has been around.