Titan is among the top 10 most admired companies in India. They have single-handedly elevated the design IQ of all Indians by celebrating local aesthetic and international trends in watchmaking and jewelry. Their appetite for innovation and design remains legendary, surpassing even Swiss standards at times. Working on the brand as a creative has been a stellar experience, winning every possible award in the country, including ‘campaign of the year’. Here are some excerpts from my long association with Titan.

Titan Slim


People buy watches for the way they are made and how they look. The face of the watch is everything. Slim watches are preferred for that very reason because of the way they elegantly fuse over the wrist. Launching the world’s slimmest watch needed a different and daring approach. We revealed the watch only from the side. A watershed moment in the history of watch advertising. The watch sold out.

Titan Solar


At the time of its launch, Titan Solar was viewed as break-through innovation. But how do you demystify solar technology? We dialed up a simple insight that the sun is the battery.

Titan Chronograph


The ‘man with the chronograph’ became a buzz line after the campaign broke. This was not for winners or losers, but for men who made it through all the odds. Even the film was shot in the middle of a blizzard in the Himalayas, anchored by a man who conquered Mt. Everest all alone. This watch collection went on to compete in the world markets after its launch.